Anto Pett-Liudas Mockūnas-Domantas Razmus (EST/LT)

2022 / 04 / 06 19.00
Mickevičiaus 29, Mama Studios, Vilnius
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Anto Pett- fortepijjonas
Liudas Mockūnas – saksofonai
Domantas Razmus – perkusija
Koncertą iš dalies remia Lietuvos Kultūros Taryba.
Renginys vyks Mama studios patalpose Mickevičiaus 29, Vilniuje, vietas galite rezervuoti iš anksto telefonu +370 617 13377, el. paštu, įsigyti…/anto-pett-liudas-mockunas…
arba likus valandai iki koncerto.
Vietų skaičius itin ribotas.
Bilieto kaina 15, studentams ir senjorams (parduodami vietoje prieš koncertą) 10 eurų
Anto Pett- fortepijjonas
Liudas Mockūnas – saksofonai
Domantas Razmus – perkusija
Anto Pett graduated from Conservatoire of Tallinn (now renamed Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre) as a pianist and composer. Since1987 he has been teaching harmony and improvisation in the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. In 1988 he discovered, that improvisation was to become his main means of artistic expression. Since 2002 A. Pett is a regular professor of contemporary improvisation in Est. Academy
of Music and Theatre. During his over twenty five years of teaching A. Pett hasdeveloped an original concert improvisation teaching method, that works successfully in teaching process with all instruments and singers. Many of his students have been
awarded prizes at the Leipzig Improvisation competition.A. Pett has presented his teaching method and made masterclasses in many Music Schools of Estonia and in several Music Academys and Conservatoire´s (now 46) in abroad ( Helsinki, Stockholm,
Oslo, Haag, Utrecht, Hamburg, Odense, Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, Riga, Vilnius, Antwerpen, Cardiff, Glasgow, Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Brigthon, Vienna, Evanston, London, etc.). He has directed following improvisation groups: „Extemporists“ (1994-97) and PROimPRO (1998 – 2002). On 2006 together with his main performing partners, Anne-Liis Poll (voice) and Jaak Sooäär (el. guitar), was established „Free Tallinn Trio“. This ensemble had the first success in of festival „Christopers“ , in Vilnius , 2006. These groups are invited to Festivals of contemporary music, improvisation and modern dance in Estonia, England, France, Finland, Poland, Germany, Sweden and USA etc. A. Pett has also made improvisation solo concerts in several European countries. He has conducted an improvisation orchestra concerts in many countries (e.g. GIO – Glasgow Improvisation Orchestra, Vienna, Helsinki, Stockholm) In 2003-2005 he has recorded 15 CD-s together with different improvisation artists to Erol Records, CGA collection (improvised music). 4 CD-s with Leo Records 2010 – A Tale – with Free Tallinn Trio, 2012 – PlayWork – duo with Bart van Rosmalen (cello) , 2013 – Northwind Boogy – a piano duo with Christoph Baumann and 2013 – The Enchanted 3- with Anne-Liis Poll and Vlady Bystrov (woodwinds). Among the improvisators whom A.Pett has co-operated are: Kent Carter, Sylvain Kassap, Joelle Leandre, Etienne Rolin, Francois Rosse, Emile Biayenda, Albrecht Maurer, Sten Sandell, Petras Visniauskas, Stanislaw Skoczynski etc. His improvisation teaching method „A. Pett`s teaching system“ is published on 2007 by edition „Fuzeau“.


Improdimensija Orchestra