Auziņš / Čudars / Arutyunyan

2020 / 09 / 11 19.00
Mama Studios
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Grįžta ruduo ir grįžta Improdimensija. Pavasarį griovę vidines sienas su tiesioginėmis transliacijomis, dabar vėl žengiame į nežinomybę ir nusiteikę viskam, bet nesustoti. Rudens ciklas žada būti nenuspėjamas, todėl neskelbsime visko iš karto, o bandysime stebinti po truputį, nes gali būti visko.
Improdimensija pristato svečius iš Latvijos, eksperimentinio džiazo trio Auziņš / Čudars / Arutyunyan.
Kārlis Auziņš – saksofonai, bosinis klarnetas
Matīss Čudars – el. gitara
Ivars Arutyunyan – būgnai

All of them being studied and accomplished musicians in the jazz idiom, the trio strives to create a genre-less sound-world, meditating on raw energy, emotions or evocative thought-scapes. Although collective free improvisation is a crucial element of the trio’s music, their interest in contemporary classical composition results in thoroughly constructed musical frames for spontaneous creation and interplay within them. They come from a rich Latvian choral music tradition, thus, while exploring sound by extended techniques of their instruments and using electronics, their music always remains melodic and related to the human voice.
In 2018 the trio released their debut album “Baltic” which was awarded with Annual Latvian Music Recording Award “Zelta Mikrofons 2019” as the best jazz album of the year.
The album is available here:


Improdimensija Orchestra