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Agusti Fernandez solo
“Agusti Fernandez solo Live at “Improdimensija” Recorded at Mama Studios in Vilnius on 05 12 2019 Sound engineer Arūnas Zujus “Improdimensija” – concert series and record label from Lithuania dedicated to improvised music
Agusti Fernandez-Liudas Mockūnas “Improdimensions”
Agusti Fernandez – Liudas Mockūnas “Improdimensions” Liudas Mockūnas – contrabass clarinet, soprano and tenor saxophones Agusti Fernandez – piano The music is available on LP:… Recorded at “Improdimensija” concert series for Improvised music in Vilnius on 05 12 2019. Recorded by Arūnas Zujus and Vytautas Bedalis Mixed by Arūnas…
Simonas Kaupinis solo
Improdimensija presents: Simonas Kaupinis live at “Improdimensija” 11/2019 Simonas Kaupinis – tuba Simonas Kaupinis is a tuba improviser and new conteporary classical musician from Lithuania. Actively participating in a wide variety of contemporary music such as contemporary music ensemble “Synaesthesis”, .Klezmer band “Rakija Klezmer Orkestar”, improvisational music bands “Oak Birches”,…