Marc Ducret solo/Liudas Mockūnas – Marc Ducret duo

2021 / 11 / 19 19.00
MAMA studios, A. Mickevičiaus g. 29, Vilnius
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Trumpai apie atlikėjus: Prancūzų kilmės gitaristas, Marc Ducret, ir saksofonistas Liudas Mockūnas kartu pradėjo groti nuo 2002 m. grupėje “Toxikum”, kartu su būgnininku Stefan Pasborg. Vėliau muzikantai pradėjo savo atskirą duo programą ir 2009m. išleido albumą pavadinimu “Silent Vociferation”.

“…What amazes me about this is that no matter what extreme or which odd sounds each member of the duo comes up with, the other member is able to converse and compliment the ongoing dialogue. Even when things (sounds) get strange, there is a great communion of the spirits. Its times like these when one or two folks harness freedom and come up with something that doesn’t sound so free. These are truly magic moments and they occur throughout there album “Silent Vociferation”on different levels…”
Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
A tandem of two ingenious personalities: French guitarist Marc Ducret and Lithuanian saxophonist Liudas Mockūnas began there collaboration already in 2002 when Marc Ducret joined the band « Toxikum » co-lead by Liudas Mockunas and Danish drummer Stefan Pasborg. In 2004 « Toxikum » was awarded « Danish Music Award » after that « Toxikum » was touring actively in 2004-2006 around Scandinavia, Baltic countries and France. At the same time Liudas Mockunas and Marc Ducret began playing as a duo and since playing together. In 2009 NoBusiness Records released there album « Silent Vociferation.


Improdimensija Orchestra